Reflecting on my first year, I realized I wanted to get more in the habit of documenting the work that was accomplished in my first year as a Commissioner. I likely will miss some items in the below, but I hope this helps anyone reading understand how I might be able to help with any issues you are facing. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any issues you need help with or if you want to brainstorm event ideas for the community!


I have helped neighbors with many issues during my first year. Some of the highlights are:

  1. Before my term, I submitted dozens of 311 requests for sidewalk issues. Since then, District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has repaved sidewalk in much of the neighborhood. There is still room to improve on some segments, and I will keep pushing DDOT to finish the job.

  2. Speed humps on 9th St. This stretch of road has seen a lot of speeding between Barry and Euclid, and I’m glad that the roadway now includes speed humps and will slow down dangerous drivers. This is especially important given that Banneker is located here.

  3. 3 more litter bins installed on Georgia between Euclid and Fairmont. Our neighborhood sees regular littering, and I’m hopeful that increased bins will reduce the number of people who decide to litter.

  4. While not quite resolved, my advocacy (along with data from nearby neighbors) led to the Department of Buildings more thoroughly investigating 2623 Sherman Ave for potential safety concerns.

  5. After months of emails and phone calls to Department of General Services (DGS), they are finally fixing the retaining wall behind Meyer Elementary on the west side of Sherman Ave NW.

  6. I organized 4 neighborhood cleanups, collecting more than 30 bags of trash total.

  7. We finally have our full complement of 4 swings at Banneker Park, giving more opportunities to kids to have fun!

  8. I advocated for a redirection of the flood lights on top of School without Walls - Francis Stevens because they were directed into nearby homes, making it difficult for neighbors to sleep.

  9. I organized a public safety walk with Lt Washington of MPD to help neighbors share their concerns about package thefts.


I am proud to have sponsored and introduced a number of resolutions during my first year. I have listed them all below for your reference:

  1. Resolution Requesting DDOT to Study Bike Lanes Along Bryant Street (February 2023)

  2. Resolution Supporting Rock N’ Roll Half-Marathon(February 2023)

  3. Letter Supporting Adjusting the PUDO Zone and Additional Safety Improvements Near School Without Walls at Francis-Stevens (March 2023)

  4. Letter Supporting DDOT Notice of Intent for Removal of Parking on Otis Place NW with Substantial Changes (March 2023)

  5. Resolution Supporting Hands Off DC - Protecting Local Democracy and Autonomy (March 2023)

  6. Resolution Requesting Release of Congestion Pricing Study (April 2023)

  7. Resolution Opposing Traffic Camera Revenue Redirection to General Funds (April 2023)

  8. Letter Asking DPW for BINS (Better Infrastructure for Neighborhood Sanitation) (April 2023)

  9. Resolution Requesting NOI-23-83-TESD Include Bike Lanes (May 2023)

  10. Resolution Requesting Agencies Respond to ANC Resolutions via the ANC Resolutions Portal (May 2023)

  11. Resolution in Support of Scooter Speed Shift: A Dual-Speed Strategy for a Safer DC (June 2023)

  12. Resolution Recommending Expenditure of Highway Education Funds on Automated Traffic Enforcement in School Zones (June 2023)

  13. Requesting DOB Respond to Structural Integrity Concerns of 2623 Sherman Ave NW (June 2023)

  14. Resolution Requesting Prioritization of Three TSI Requests in ANC 1E (June 2023)

  15. Letter Calling for DPW to Boot and Tow Vehicles with Over $1,000 in Speeding Fines (July 2023)

  16. Sponsorship Application for 11th Annual Hoop for Hope Cancer Awareness Tournament in the Amount of $500 (July 2023)

  17. Testimony Concerning Bills to Improve Safety-Focused Traffic Enforcement (B25-0421, B25-0422, B25-0425 AND B25-0435) (September 2023)

  18. Regarding Grave Concerns About Performance and Reliability at the Office of Unified Communications (OUC) (September 2023)

  19. Letter Requesting the PUDO Zone at School Without Walls – Francis Stevens to be Fixed to the Originally Requested Area (September 2023)

  20. Resolution Approving Georgia Avenue Bus Priority Project (October 2023)

  21. Resolution Regarding District Department of Transportation’s Future Leadership (October 2023)